Now that our whales are officially gone from Maui waters, we thought we’d share our favorite whale watch from this last season.  Here we are off the coast of Maalaea with a group of humpback whales that mugged our boat for over 30 minutes.  We saw over a dozen breaches, and this playful pod observed us with incredible proximity.

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This is one of the live videos we shot from the boat.  It starts getting really fun around 60 seconds into the video:


Photographer Natalie Brown was onboard and shot these amazing shots below.

humpback whales

They swam below the boat over 10 times!  It was as exciting as it gets.

Maui whale watch

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amazing whale watch

This next season will have another record number of returning humpback whales, we can just feel it!  Having been on a sunset cruise during this last whale seasons and seeing 3 breaches and plenty of whales, we’re confident it’ll be a season to remember.

whales Maui

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Maui whale watching

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