Top 10 Things To Do In Kihei

While Kihei is blessed with golden beaches, sunny weather, and fantastic snorkeling, it’s the town’s unremitting local vibe that makes Kihei so special. While a wave of luxury development has overtaken nearby Wailea and Makena, the laid-back nature that Maui is known for seems to have cemented itself in Kihei. Local businesses and community take center stage in this South Maui region, manifesting in farmers’ markets, canoe clubs, and- believe it or not- hockey associations. 

Things To Do In Kihei Paddle Canoe


Kihei is only a 10-15 minute drive from Maʻalaea- read on to discover the TOP 10 THINGS TO DO IN KIHEI.


1. Take a snorkel tour to Molokini.

South Maui is renowned for its abundance of coral reefs, but few places offer better snorkeling than Molokini Crater. The seafloor at this offshore crater is blanketed with corals, forming a habitat for hundreds of species of tropical fish. And thanks to the islet’s remote location and crescent shape, the waters within the crater are usually calm. It’s not uncommon for visibility to top 100 feet.

Things To Do In Kihei Molokini

Located two miles off the south Maui coast, the only way to visit Molokini is with a tour. Most tours depart from Ma’alaea Harbor, but Redline Rafting departs from Kihei Boat Ramp- located significantly closer to Molokini.  Another great raft out of Kihei is the No Ka Oi with Maui Snorkel Charters.  And if you’re looking for a short trip, check out Makean Coast Charters’ 2-hour Molokini Tour.

There are many great places to snorkel in Kihei from the Kamaole Beach Parks down to Kihei Boat Ramp and into Wailea and Makena. If you decide to go snorkeling from the shore, make sure to check the Maui Snorkel Report to see the conditions you can expect when you arrive. Updated daily with current conditions, recommendations, and information about the area, the Maui Snorkel Report will not only help you find the best spot to snorkel that day but keep you safe from undesirable water conditions like rough and murky water or Portuguese Man O’ War sightings.

Maui Snorkel Report


2. Take a tour of Hawaii’s largest craft brewery – Maui Brewing Company

There are several factors that make Maui Brewing Company stand out. In addition to curating a slew of award-winning beers, MBC is Hawaii’s largest craft brewery, America’s first off-grid brewery, and is headed by a female brewmaster. MBC’s delightful tropical ales are brewed and canned at the Kihei facility.

Things To Do In Kihei Maui Brewing

The brewery’s whopping 85,000 square foot space houses a restaurant, taproom, 5,800 square foot cold room, and 12 fermentation tanks- which is equivalent to about 940 barrels of beef. An hour tour will afford you the chance to see where the beer-making magic happens- and even a taste of fresh beer out of the Brite Tank.


3. Go Fishing

Departing from Maalaea, you can go fishing with experts and guarantee catches.  The reason we love going out with Maui Fun Charters is due to their great crew.  For a novice, it’s so easy.  For a seasoned fisherman/woman, you’ll catch that much more fish!

fishing in Maui

We’ve been fishing on Maui waters a number of times, and it’s always fun!


4. Go for a sunset skate at Kihei Roller Rink

It’s no secret that the Kihei coast produces fantastic sunsets. Spice up your sunset routine and hit the rink at Kalama Park, Maui’s only public roller rink. The rink is managed by Maui Inline Hockey Association, which generously opens the rink to the public every Friday and Saturday night. No skates? No problem. MIHA volunteers open a well-stocked rental booth on public skate nights.


5. Browse the Kihei Farmers Market

Want to support local? Look no further than the Kihei Farmers Market, where a veritable cornucopia of local produce is on offer Monday-Saturday. Located on the edge of North Kihei, this beachside outdoor market is stocked with fresh local produce, baked goods, and other goodies.

Things To Do In Kihei Farmers Market

What’s more, this tropical market is situated alongside several other reputable locally owned businesses- Sugar Beach Bake Shop, Ululani’s Shave Ice, and ABC Store (believe it or not, ABC store is locally owned!). Between the market, the bakery, and the conveniences at ABC, you’ll hardly need a reason to visit a grocery store.


6. Walk the boardwalk at Kealia Pond National Wildlife Refuge

Kiawe, salt marshes, and sand dunes: Kealia Pond offers a glimpse into Kihei’s past when the area was largely made up of wetlands. Today, most of the wetlands have been paved over, but Kelia Pond, a national wildlife refuge, will forever remain untouched.

Things To Do In Kihei Boardwalk

The 700-acre refuge provides a protected habitat for some of Hawaii’s most endangered waterbirds, including the Hawaiian coot (ʻalae keʻokeʻo) and the Hawaiian stilt (aeʻo). The Kealia Coastal Boardwalk is the reserve’s main attraction, running between the coast and the marsh for about a third of a mile. There are multiple viewpoints to spot native birds, as well as informative panels along the way.


7. Go paddling with Kihei Canoe Club

Kihei’s calm morning conditions are ideal for paddlers of all types, from kayakers to SUPs. The most eye-catching craft in South Maui waters, however, are Kihei Canoe Club’s red and gold waʻas- outrigger canoes. Kihei Canoe Club invites visitors to learn about the ancient Polynesian practice of paddling through their visitor paddling program. The experience grants visitors a peek into Hawaiian cultural customs, as well as paddling instruction and a discussion about local marine life.

Things To Do In Kihei Canoe


8. Visit the Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary visitor center.

The waters surrounding the state of Hawaii are a National Marine Sanctuary for humpback whales. Roughly two-thirds of the North Pacific humpback whale population migrate to Hawaii each winter to breed and give birth. Maui is home to one of only two sanctuary visitor centers in the state.

Things To Do In Kihei Marine Sanctuary

Situated on the waterfront at Kalepolepo Beach, the Kihei visitor center houses interactive displays and exhibits and even acts as a great whale-watching spot in itself. The visitor center also offers information on the Kalepolepo fishpond, which is one of the oldest remaining fish ponds in Hawaii- estimated to have been built between 1400 and 1500 AD.


9. Take a surf lesson at The Cove

The mellow surf and shallow waters at “The Cove” at Kalama Park are ideal for first-time surfers. What’s more, there are seemingly countless surf instructors on hand in Kihei to show newbies the ropes.

Things To Do In Kihei Surf Lesson

Maui Waveriders is one of the most reputable surf schools on the Valley Isle, and they just happen to be located directly across the street from the Cove. Maui surf lessons will kick off with a thorough land-based lesson, guiding novice surfers through proper surf etiquette, ocean safety, and technique. Then, get ready to hit the waves!


10. Shop, eat and drink at Kihei Kalama Village

Situated in the heart of Kihei, the open-air market at the Kihei Kalama Village is a hub for dining, shopping, and entertainment. Here, you can browse souvenir kiosks, a collection of bars and restaurants, coffee shops, and even get a tattoo. At night, the Kihei Kalama Village transforms into a party hub and hosts entertainment nightly.

Things To Do In Kihei Kalama Village


Where to stay in Kihei

Kihei has a plethora of accommodations – mostly condos and vacation rentals. Hotels are few and far between in this area, but there is one excellent hotel option in South Kihei: Maui Coast Hotel.

There’s a lot to love about the Maui Coast Hotel – the laid-back atmosphere, the great food at the on-site restaurant, and the location.

Maui Coast Hotel is within walking distance of some of South Kihei’s best beaches and just a short walk or drive from excellent restaurants, bars, shops, and snorkeling spots. The best part? Maui Coast Hotel is a more affordable option than the resorts down the road in Wailea. Plus, this hotel is debuting a new tower, infinity pool, and more beautiful upgrades in summer/fall 2024.

stay in Kihei



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