Massive Maui Fires Almost Contained

Two massive brushfires have almost entirely been contained in the south and central valley of Maui (2019).

maui hawaii fires

Maui fires photo by Stu Solely


9,200 acres of land began burning on Thursday, July 11th, 2019, now with only hot spots and flare-ups needing attention. This fire moved through the dry brush towards north Kihei, causing mandatory evacuations.

Maui brush fire

Puunene Brush Fire photo by Karma Hill


Another 200-acre fire began mid-day on Friday near the Safeway off Ho’okele Street. This Puunene fire is suspected as having been caused by arson.

Puunene Fire

Kahului Airport photo by Fly Maui Hi


In order to evacuate and allow locals to get home, Oprah Winfrey opened up her private road from Makena to Kula for county officials.

wild fires of Maui

Central Maui fire photo by Karma Hill


The Maui Humane Society was at risk due to it’s central location. The animals were all evacuated, and fortunately, the building was saved.

kihei fires

Central Maui fire photo by Fly Maui HI


Air quality has improved, and all roads are now open again and temporary shelters closed. We’re thrilled to hear there have been no reported injuries or major damage to property.

Maui Fires

Maui Fire photos by Stu Solely


Learn more about how much often Maui has fires.


Thank you to Karma Hill, Fly Maui Hi, and Stu Solely for the powerful images.


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