Treat Yo Self!

luxury resortRaise your hand if money has ever stopped you from doing something absolutely amazing.


Now assuming you’re not Larry Ellison, and everyone else has answered in the affirmative, let’s now assume that you have the opportunity to explore Maui with the ultimate ‘treat yo’self’ mantra in mind. You don’t need to be Ellison to enjoy some luxurious Maui experiences.  It’s worth holding back on consistent and extravagant vacation indulging in order to enjoy one or two truly sumptuous life long memories.

While everyone’s list would obviously vary based on their specific desires and interests, we hope you enjoy the following treat yo’self suggestions! And get a +1 to join you. Ahem.


Sunset in Style

Sail from the beach at Maluaka Beach on one of the most luxurious sailing catamarans in the State of Hawaii.  Enjoy pupus and craft cocktails while cutting through the waters with a blazing sunset over the ocean.  We’ve been on this particular Maui sunset cruise countless times over the last few decades and recommend it to everyone looking for a better experience than you might be used to on some of the bigger boats.

Maui sunset sail


Champagne & Helicopters

Yep, you read that right.

helicopter Maui Hawaii

On a Maui helicopter tour, not only will you experience a helicopter tour of the whole island of Maui, including the remarkable West Maui Mountains and otherworldly Haleakala Volcano, but you can briefly land in Upcountry Maui for none other than a champagne toast before continuing onto the remainder of your full island aerial tour. Heyo!



Outcall Massage in your own room

When there’s valuable mai tai drinking and sunbathing time to be had, who wants to waste it on a drive to a massage studio?  Maui’s Best Massage will drive to your hotel, resort or condo, set up their massage table in your room, set some mellow music, and melt all your cares away.  They offer soothing relaxation massage, deep tissue, couples massage as well as lomi lomi.

massage Maui Hawaii

Or, if you’re staying near Wailea, you can go to their studio at 161 Wailea Ike Place, Suite A105-2.  Call (808) 426-7418 for an appointment.


Go House Hunting

Why leave?

Paia Town Aerial View

Is there any greater treat than splurging on your very own Maui home? We think not. Mindless scrolling on Zillow will only get you so far- it’s time for an old-fashioned boots-on-the-ground house hunt. With the help of a top Maui realtor, you can make your dream of living on Maui come true. Many boast a knowledge bank of every area, subdivision, and condo community on the island. And since any medley of factors might apply to your search (location, price, climate, schools, etc.), the help of a well-informed professional is a must. After all, this is your dream home we’re talking about!


Pick Up Unique Artwork

Stop by Hot Island Glass in Makawao Town to unique, beautiful hand-crafted artwork made on Maui.  Sitting and watching these talented artists wield molten glass into spectacular art is something worth visiting for, though they do sell their pieces online too.

Maui glassblowing

Hot Island Glass is a mainstay of Makawao and Maui with roots known far and wide.  If you talk to anyone that’s been to this sleepy paniolo town, they likely have enjoyed some time at this “hot” spot.


Spoil Yourself Senseless in Kapalua

As if a visit to the splendid Kapalua area isn’t enough of a treat, take the indulgence a step further and opt for an idyllic stay at the palatial Montage Kapalua Bay. Montage resorts are renowned for their lavish amenities, and the Kapalua location is no different. Here you can start your mornings with colorful tropical breakfasts at Montage’s signature restaurant, Cane and Canoe.

Montage Kapalua

Compliment your morning spread with a POG-mosa (or two- remember, treat yourself is the motto), then head to the esteemed Spa Montage for a mineral soak and personalized massage treatment. Should the day come that you’re not feeling particularly keen for a pampering, book out Montage’s most unique venue, The Cliff House, and spend an epic day snorkeling, grilling, and taking full advantage of your own private beach house. Make sure you stick around the resort on Tuesdays so you can catch the Sunset Luau at Kapalua Bay (see below), which in essence, spoils its guests with Maui’s best entertainment, succulent Hawaiian fares, and welcome mai tais.


Spend the Night on a Sailboat

Though purchasing your own private yacht sounds more Ellison-like than anything, it also sounds like kind of a lot of work, both paper and maintenance-wise. So for purposes of a one off treat yo’self moment, we recommend hiring a private sailboat (and the skills of a private sailboat captain) for ultimate Pacific Ocean awesomeness.

Maui sailing charter

Nova, a sailboat offering private tours to areas of Maui, Lana’i, and Moloka’i, also offers the option of overnight sailing tours in the comfort of its spacious cabin. With the friendly and welcoming Captain Mike behind the wheel, you’ll set sail for wherever the hell you please, enjoying amazing activities like whale watching, stargazing, snorkeling, dolphin watching, stand up paddling, eating, drinking, and more along the way. Arrange for some French champagne, freshly caught fish, and eco-friendly sparklers to accompany you – hey, it’s our fantasy! – and thank us later. Preferably with an invite, of course.


Host a Private Luau

“If married couples can do it, so can we! Instead of celebrating recent nuptials, however, how about we simply celebrate life with a private luau? On a Wednesday! Just because! From authentic hula dancers and fire spinners to traditional Hawaiian food, an actual private luau on Maui sounds like the paradise party of a lifetime.” Fortunately, this vibrant fantasy is all but far-fetched, with the help of Montage Kapalua Bay. Guests at Montage can enjoy an exclusive Hawaiian celebration from the comfort of their own residence. Leave it to Montage to put it together- you just sit back and enjoy the show.

Kapalua Bay Luau

Hire yourself a mai tai mixologist to accompany the evening entertainment, and you’re set.  Or, book an inexpensive Maui luau.  Learn about your options and find the best luau for your group.


We hope this list of Maui experiences treats you well!  You deserve it.


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